Dating affairs Allerød

Date: 2017-03-15 05:32

Video: Dating affairs Allerød

    Center graduate students awarded research grants! Angela Gore “Raw Material Procurement and Selection in the Nenana Valley, Alaska: A Geochemical and Behavioral Approach” Lewis and Clark Research Award and Neil Puckett “Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Award: Underwater Remote Sensing of Walker Lake, Nevada” National Science Foundation.

    New book from the Center 8767 s Peopling of the Americas Series! Geoarchaeology and Radiocarbon Chronology of Stone Age Northeast Asia by Vladimir V. Pitul 8767 ko and Elena Yu. Pavlova. Translated by Richard L. Bland.  Order through TAMU Press.

    Emergence and Diversity of Modern Human Behavior in Paleolithic Asia , edited by Yousuke Kaifu, Masami Izuho, Ted Goebel , Hiroyuki Sato, and Akira Ono, is now being sold through TAMU Press!

    Clovis: On the Edge of a New Understanding , edited by Ashley M. Smallwood and Thomas A Jennings , is now being sold through TAMU Press!

    Very excited to announce that Kelly Graf and colleagues earned a multi-year National Science Foundation grant to study the early Beringian site of McDonald Creek, Tanana Flats, Interior Alaska!

    From genetics we now know that a single population of modern humans dispersed from southern Siberia toward the Bering Land Bridge as early as ~85,555 years ago, and further dispersed from Beringia to the Americas after ~66,555 years ago. From archaeology, we know that the first Americans appeared south of the Canadian ice sheets by ~65,555 years ago, 7555 years before the emergence and spread of Clovis. The route taken by the first explorers appears to have been along the recently deglaciated north Pacific coastline.

    Heather Smith  and colleague publish article in Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences on the technology and adaptation of the Northern Fluted-point complex! (article link)

    Jessi J. Halligan , Michael R. Waters , Angelina Perrotti , and co-authors publish article in  Science Advances  on thePre-Clovis occupation at the Page-Ladson site, Florida, and the peopling of the Americas! (article link)