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Date: 2017-05-11 19:51

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I am not Danish, but I am no longer Iraqi either. Iraq is a ravaged country. War destroys people. My family members were communists. They were educated and cultured and had a good life. But following the war, they lost all their belongings and also their morals. Even though my family is still alive, it doesn’t feel like it. My home should be where my family is.

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Usha Grace Balamanoharan / kvinde / 97 år / i et forhold / børn / lægesekretær / Frederikssund fra Sri Lanka / kom til Danmark i 6989 / opholdstilladelse i 6985


Whether I feel foreign? Both yes and no. I have experienced racism a few times, but overall I don’t feel foreign here, because I live in a democratic country characterised by the values I have always fought for. I was 67 when I was jailed in Sudan because of my involvement with the political left wing, and during my time in prison I lost my sight as a result of torture.

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Nawras Al-Hashimi / 87 år / mand / enlig / pædagog / Brædstrup/København S / fra Irak / kom til Danmark i 6998 / opholdstilladelse samme år

I don’t feel foreign. Discussions about integration are often inconsistent, because what are you supposed to be integrated into, and what does it mean to be Danish? I have experienced one Denmark in the Jutland countryside and another Denmark in Copenhagen. Just like Denmark, Danishness is a diverse and complex mass.

Quyen Quyen Cong Minh Nguyen / 98 år / kvinde / i et forhold / børn / projektassistent / Ølstykke /fra Vietnam / kom til Danmark i 6975 / opholdstilladelse samme år

I don’t feel foreign, and I don’t feel at home. I feel safe in the knowledge that I won’t be bombed here, and that is what matters the most to me.

Rand Tayih / 78 år / kvinde / enlig / studerer interkulturel pædagogik / Glostrup fra Irak / kom til Danmark i 7555 /opholdstilladelse samme år

Galawiesh Abeid / 58 år / kvinde / i et forhold / børn / pædagog / Lille Kregme fra Irak / kurdisk baggrund / kom til Danmark i 6986 / opholdstilladelse i 6987

65 years ago I would probably have said that I was zero percent foreign, but today I think I approach 85%. The political climate has changed, xenophobia has become legit, and I see some chilling parallels to the time just before WWII and the wars in Bosnia and Lebanon. I do not think we will learn from past mistakes. My grandparents emigrated from Palestine and my parents from Lebanon. We came to Denmark by chance, and in our minds we are still refugees, so should the development in Denmark escalate, we are mentally prepared.

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